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“Singing is a way to bring what is inside, outside. It is to make the invisible audible.”

Kate Magdalena would be the first one to say she really didn’t know what it would take to do what she always dreamed of doing. But she did know there were songs, feelings, melodies, and musings, and they had to emerge …


Kate Magdalena

As a singer, I seek to bring out that original sound inside of me.

Kate grew up to the sounds of music on Broadway in New York City, during the 1970s exploding singer-songwriter, folk, rock, and psychedelic music scene, featuring Crosby Stills and Nash, The Beatles, Joni Mitchell, and so many more artists who continue to inspire listeners worldwide.

Kate was a child of the ‘60’s, and when she came of age, she moved from the East Coast to San Francisco on a quest to discover the meaning of her life. Kate’s journey was an unusual one in that she did many other things before turning to music as her central career focus, and traveling many paths to arrive at where she is now.

She adores teaching children and has done so as a music and classroom teacher. She was a hospital chaplain, bringing healing music to patients, and most important of all, she is a mother to two beloved children, with her husband Randall. Kate calls the Bay Area her home.

Styles of Music

Drawn to many different styles of music, she became enchanted by Irish-Canadian artist Loreena McKennitt, who conjures a lost world with her harp and singing. Kate intends to do the same! She is also enamored of artists like Rachel Platten, Sara Bareilles, and the controversial Sinead O’Connor, and many others.

For Kate, “Singing is a way to bring what is inside, outside. It is to make the invisible audible. It can change minds and soften hearts. I believe that music is part of every cell of the human body; and that we can use music to reach others in ways words cannot.” Kate has an ability to move her listeners with her voice, to bring healing and joy. Her songwriting began through her poetry writing, and by setting a few poems to music, by great poets like WB Yeats and Robert Frost, and then in discovering a love of writing which came from her own heart.

Kate was raised in era in which people looked to the arts and music to inspire social activism. Like Dylan’s great songs, Kate’s songs address some of the pressing issues of our own day. She also sings of unity, hope, loss, and of the power of prayer in dealing with life’s many challenges. And she hopes that her own pursuit of her dream at age 62 might inspire others to follow their own cherished dreams regardless of barriers.

What’s Next?

Now Kate Magdalena is embarking on an exciting new journey with Grammy nominated producer Billy Smiley (Johnny Cash, WhiteHeart, Clay Aiken) whom she met at a conference in Nashville, TN. They are working on a brand new collection of both original and cover songs which will be released in the summer of 2019, titled “New Earth”.

Her first release, coming in March, will be Sinead O’Connor’s moving song “Take Me to Church.” She also includes songs by Leonard Cohen, and Crosby, Stills & Nash on her full album. Her own songs were born from her love for the earth, and the wellbeing of its inhabitants. She dedicates her music to the healing of both, and looks to heaven for inspiration in her songwriting, and in performance.

Kate feels so blessed to be recording in Nashville with players who have toured and played for artists like Sheryl Crow, Robert Plant, Kacey Musgraves, The Technicolors, The Wallflowers, and Hunter Hayes. She looks forward to bringing the sounds of her music to audiences far and wide, of every stripe and color.


It Came Upon a Midnight Clear

Cherry Tree Carol

A Larger Dance

Battle Hymn of the Republic

“We can use music to reach others in ways words cannot.”

Kate Magdalena

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