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Be the Lark

Be the Lark - Loss and Change I didn’t know when I wrote this song called “Be the Lark” that the losses and changes to which the song refers, would come in the particular form that they did. When I wrote the song, I was coming out of a time of deep sadness in which I...

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Songwriting Inspiration

The Mysterious Kernel There is a kernel of something unknown, deep within myself to which I turn for inspiration in my songwriting, so as to bring something better than I could ever do alone. In essence everything that I write by way of lyric or melody is given to me...

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Take Me to Church

THE DEVIL IS IN THE DETAILS: Take Me to Church! Language is plastic. It occupies a shape in our minds, based on our understanding. That’s why there are certain turns of phrase that we don’t fully grasp until we stand under them, until we live them. I never knew what...

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Take Me To Church

This song is a powerful piece, with themes of self-awareness, the longing for redemption, and the love for all that is good and life affirming. Some of the finest musicians from Nashville are recorded on this track, like Jared Kneale (drummer for Kasey Musgraves), Byron House (who plays bass for Robert Plant), and Dan Dugmore on pedal steel (He played pedal steel for Linda Ronstadt).





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