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Aug 21, 2019New Music, Songwriting

A Vision Offered

It is common understanding no matter what your faith or politics that what we call “the environment” is in a critical phase, but is not receiving the intensive care required for survival. No matter what side of the climate crisis you are on, you care about the earth. You want clean water, and clean air. You want a clean environment in which to live, and in which your children can have a healthy future. It’s not only a question of human rights; it’s a question of protecting and restoring the natural world provided for us, the only home we have. 

Nature is Deeply Healing

Like many of you, I am a lover of the natural world. I grew up on the asphalt pavements of New York City, and swam in the swimming pools of Scarsdale; but I appreciated the magnificent world of nature I was introduced to during my summers at camp in Maine. The feel of walking on pine needle carpets under canopies of tall pines, the unutterable beauty of the lake, misty in the morning, brilliant at midday as I swam. I knew then, as I do now that nature is deeply healing, not to be used as a dumping ground, an endless resource to be plundered. 

Envision a New Earth

I moved across the country in my twenties because I fell in love at first sight with San Francisco, but more because my body, soul, and spirit longed for sunshine, blue skies, and great open spaces. In the decades between then and now, I have watched as our land has been fracked and drilled, our air space is ‘aerosolized’ with chemicals, our oceans decimated by radiation, oil spills, and plastic garbage beyond reckoning. Weather has gone haywire, and no matter where you live, you and your families have been affected. Can it hurt to envision an earth new again? Why not let our individual and collective imaginations be the powerful generator Einstein said it could be? 

Inspiration of New Earth

This vision is what inspired my writing of “New Earth.” It’s an imagination, in which a giant condor “offers me his wingspan for a ride” and we soar above the earth. As we journey, I behold the great vistas of green and blue, and am aware of the deeply sacred gift we have been given in all of nature. This vision of nature restored is a vision I offer to you to hold as well, through the song. May this vision take root in our hearts and minds, so that we can together bring about an earth restored.  

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New Earth, By Kate Magdalena

In the garden I was walking
Morning early, I wasn’t talking
As the sun beamed honey on the wide horizon,
All at once I stopped to listen
the birdsong a sonic glistening
I shivered with a strange kind of delight—or was it fright?

Suddenly a bright condor swept on down
And offered me his wingspan for a ride
Straddling my legs side to side
Put my arms around his neck—we began to glide

Over and above the world we flew
Surveying the land below
Blue vistas transporting my soul,
When, all at once, the hills called, green and rolling

And down we went, on a wind to the forested plain
When I found my self standing on the earth again
But it was an earth that was changed, that was made new again

There was no hurt in any land, in any sea or air,
as people were free everywhere

All rights reserved, © 2019 Kate Magdalena Music, LLC


  1. Carolyn C McRae

    Beautiful and so necessary. Thank you dearest Katie!


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