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Aug 14, 2020New Music

The Water Is Wide - Kate Magdalena

The water around us feels wide, indeed! 

In fact, I can’t remember it feeling it so wide.  It’s hard to feel where the solid land is when it seems so much is shifting. In moments of transition, music can provide a backdrop for living, and so…

I’m so happy to bring to you my third album of songs, The Water Is Wide.” 

The album was done in Nashville, under the direction of my producer Billy Smiley. It features nine songs of watery summertime to soothe and lull, to surf and sun by, and beat the pavements of the city too! On the album, you’ll find some of my most recent releases, ”I Know A Heartache When I See One,” “Backstory,” “Downtown,” and “Shores of Avalon,” as well as five NEW unreleased songs of water and land.

This Is Not The End

I’m sure I am not alone in acknowledging that this has been a strange year. In so many of our countries, homes, and cities around the world, there is discord, sickness, and much unnecessary pain. In my own life, I’ve been struggling through some back issues that have held me back from doing many of the things I intended to do this year.

But I want to encourage you, as I also encourage myself:  this is not the end, and there is still much unseen and unheard to look forward to. 

With the songs featured on the The Water Is Wide,” it is my prayer that you will find hope and a little joy to take with you.

And while you’re at it, be sure to watch the brand new videos for A Larger Dance and The Water Is Wide, two of the new songs from “The Water Is Wide.”

So let your hair down, make a cup of tea, or roll down your window, and turn up the volume!. Listen to these songs with your family. Make time to slow down, break away from the news and social media, and let the harmonies and melodies wash over you.

You can purchase the album right here

After taking a listen, I would love to hear your thoughts! What are your favorite songs and why? Please leave a comment below, or reach out on Facebook or Instagram. I can’t wait to hear from you!

Musically yours, 

Kate Magdalena


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